Friday, August 13, 2004

Time to trip.

Only a week away before I take off for Copenhagen. It's a great little pre-trip trip. I spend a week in Copenhagen where I will meet my brother Per (I arrive a half hour before him at Kastrup) and then we catch up with the rest of the family for my cousins wedding. Per heads on to tour the Adriatic Coast after our family obligations are sorted and I head back to San Francisco for 5 days to prepare for a month long holiday back home in New Zealand. There are mini trips planned in NZ, to Peria (my friend Keshama grew up there) and we'll take a few day trips while up north, Cape Reinga, Ahipara,90 Mile Beach.
The North of New Zealand is beautiful and has so many great beaches to swim at. After 5-6 days up north we'll head back to Auckland for the weekend and early Monday drive to Whangapoua where I spent many summers at a bach on the beach. We have rented a house there within a stones throw of the coast. Same deal again with the days trips. A lot to see around Coromandel and many more beaches to check out, especially Hot Water Beach where you can dig into the sand when the tide is out and creat your own hot tub with the rising hot water from a thermal spring.
Than back to Auckland again to pick up Andrea and immediately back in the car to head South to Picton and the Marlborough Sounds. The house there that we have rented is located in a secluded cove. I am very much looking forward to going out for a row in the dinghy every morning to catch fresh snapper for breakfast. At this stage of the journey I am sure I will be re-thinking the idea of returning to San Francisco.
So anyway after the South Island trip it's back to Auckland where Eric and I will be getting ready to head back to SF.


Blogger eric said...

yep. i am looking into cancelling my return ticket. heh.

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