Friday, September 03, 2004

First Day

Posting is going to be sporadic. Been trying to find a wireless connection but 'no dice' I'm even writing this with text edit in hope that later today I will find a connection and post. When we flew in it was under the dark of the early morning so we couldn't see the city but upon getting the rental car, me navigating and Eric driving with the thin spacey veil of a valium hangover we head out to Mums place. We had luck on our side as I completely lost us on the map but we kept on and eventually we reappeared right on course! I haven't spent a lot of time out at 'Albertine' so nothing looked to familiar to me but we found our way and arrived to a freshly woken Mum. So good to see her. We talked and drank coffee and snacked as little. Eric and I took Greta (mums schnauser) out for a poo walk apparently she'll 'do two' and then she's all good to bring home! Mum then took us out for a drive and along the coast to Kawakawa Bay. It is so easy to forget how gorgeous this country is. We got out walked around a bit and then head off to Clevedon Oyster Farm. Picked up some delicious mussels and a couple of pots of oysters. Seafood here is so damn good! Had more dinner at a place called Bella on Ponsonby Rd.
So mostly it's all been catching up and adjusting to being here. Bithiah arrives tomorrow and then we are off up North where internet connectivity becomes a thing of the future! It'll be all dial up!
Cool, so I just hooked up a connection with IHUG here in NZ for a month. Shouldn't be problem getting connected I just have to find someone with a phone that doesn't need winding up!!
I miss ya mystery meat!!


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